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Motivation itself is something that gives us people drive, that is, it awakens it to action towards a desired goal and induces, controls and maintains certain goal-directed actions.



A vision is something much bigger than a goal. It should give you a clear picture of where you are going and why. The vision paints a picture of what you aspire to be in a future that you have the courage and passion to believe in.



The strategy determines how the goal is to be reached and by what means. The strategy is often a collection of plans and thought patterns that can be conscious and unconscious.


Setting & Reaching Goals

Creating goals and sub-goals is necessary to be able to see where you are going and understand why you do what you do. Clear goals that are easy to evaluate are a support for moving forward in the work.


Self Improvement

Self-improvement helps us deal with difficult times and improve our personal relationships. Self-improvement means investing time and commitment, it's a full-time job that never ends. The best thing is to invest in yourself and your own happiness.


Self Awareness

In many situations in life, it is an advantage to be self-aware. Self-aware people generally have higher self-esteem because they actively work to become someone they can be proud of. High self-esteem can make it easier to dare to say what you think and to be creative with your ideas.



Self-confidence is about the individual's belief in his own abilities. Self-confidence can vary, both based on time and situation. High self-confidence means that you dare to take on new situations and tasks, because you trust that you can handle it. Low self-confidence makes you doubt
yourself and your ability to perform.


Life Skills

You can achieve success in many different ways and in many different areas.
It is also possible to achieve success in health, well-being and relationships in addition to areas such as education, work, business and finance.

We All Need Help to Realize What We Want Most.

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About Me

I’m Michael Himmlegaard,

I Help People to Discover Their Own Inner Resources and Change Their Lives

My whole life I have dedicated to studying behavioral science, psychology, philosophy, religion and searching for the answers to questions such as how to change one's life, what is the true meaning of happiness, how do we achieve our goals and how do we create and maintain our motivation throughout life.

Let me introduce myself to you, my name is Michael Himmlegaard.
I am a behavioral scientist with a bachelor's degree from Stockholm University, a master's degree from Umeå University and studies at doctoral level.
I have many years of experience doing what I am truly passionate about and that is guiding people to discover their own inner resources and change their lives.


What I can help you with

Do you find it difficult to get started with things that are important to you? Do you lack motivation?

Do you have stress problems, low mood, depression, worry, anxiety, exhaustion, problems with your self-confidence, relationship problems?

Or do you need help processing painful and difficult life events?

I am here for you!

How it works

3 Simple Steps

Step1: Book Appointment

Book Appointment

Email me now and we will book an appointment for the day and time that suits you

Step 2: Zoom


Once the booking is confirmed, I will email you a zoom meeting link

Step 3: Make it happen

Make it happen

Now we start your life journey that you will always remember

Everyone needs someone to talk to sometimes to get some support, confirmation, advice, help to sort or to understand themselves. I help you, based on your needs, to get through a crisis or difficult life period, to reduce and manage stress, to strengthen self-esteem, sort out relationship problems, get motivated to achieve your goals.
Sometimes conversations can be about how you want to live your life and finding ways to make a change. I give you support and guidance in how you can improve your well-being by getting out of negative thought spirals.

By actively trying to get hold of things that can be influenced, you can experience more meaning and harmony in your everyday life. What's important to you is what's important to me, and I'm ready to support you in what you face here and now.

Take a contact with me today to book an appointment for the most life-changing meeting of your life.

Warm welcome!

My thought is that everyone should have a chance to change their lives. That is why I offer consultations for very favorable prices.

Please contact me for the price information

The meetings take place online via Zoom. The consultation is given in both Swedish and English

Yes, I offer CBT based therapy as well.

The therapy gives results and it is completely individual how long the treatment takes.


What Clients Are Saying

I sought help for anxiety and worry and was met by Michael who is a very knowledgeable and professional and who helped me. I felt safe and secure and that is important when you are not feeling well. The help is greatly appreciated and I thank you for your help!

Hassan Talib

I had a bit of a tough period in the fall of 2021 and chose to seek professional help. Got to meet Michael almost immediately. I felt that the personal chemistry was right and that he quickly understood my situation. We met once a week and between each conversation I was given homework where I would practice thinking differently in different situations. Worked beyond my expectations and after a couple of months we agreed that I could finish the therapy. The problems have not returned after this. 

Anna Johansson

"Hello and thank you very much for all the help I received! It was my husband who pestered me to get in touch, but in retrospect I'm very glad that I actually did. I think I was treated well and that you took the time to listen to me and once we started the treatment I was involved in designing it. Today I sleep well, feel hardly any anxiety and can appreciate life in a completely new way. Again, many thanks for the help! "

Mary Lind

"Jag skulle rekommendera Michael till alla jag känner, de är något av det bästa som hänt mig! Jag fick så mycket professionell hjälp och de hjälpte mig verkligen att få tillbaka mitt normala liv. Tusen tack för all hjälp! "

Andreas Svensson

If You Have Any Questions,
Fell Free to Email Me


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